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Pixel Play
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Four Games In One

Pixel Play brings four retro feel games to life on a giant 676 LED light panel. Great 2-player games for hours of entertainment for any occasion. Easy to transport and sets up in minutes.

How to Play

Using the game select button, choose your desired game, and when ready, hit the start button. Each player will use their own controls.

Pixel Python

Feed your hungry Pixel Python to grow larger, but do not eat your tail. Steer clear of the walls and your opponent.

Pixel Pieces

While random Pixel Pieces are falling, try to rotate and shift the blocks into complete horizontal lines.

Pixel Paddles

Move your Pixel Paddle up/down to redirect the ball past your opponent. The first person to score 3 points wins!

Pixel Paint

Create a Pixel Paint masterpiece. Select your color and use the joystick button to place the pixel wherever you see fit.

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